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The best place to watch a Red Sox game.

July 16, 2005

Just a quick entry, still a bit tired, going to take a quick nap, ninety minutes at best as the game starts at 1:30 today.

Joey got a short visit with Tom, we cleaned the reptile cage, and feed her a mouse. Joey was thrilled, but then, he is 10.

Had to drive out to Hopkinton to pick up Dad and Paul, got back to the park in time to watch some batting practice. Joey was upset because he could not get any players to talk to him, and he could not get Wally the team mascot to come over either. Being 10, I think he was more upset about Wally.

Up to the GM’s box we went, and after putting our stuff down, we went into the company dinning room for dinner (on the team!) We had a private room between the Spanish broadcast, and yankees radio. Theo showed up in the second inning, and stayed with us until the middle of the fourth. His comments on the team were very insightful. I asked him as he was leaving if it was possible for Joey to meet Wally.

He said he would call down, and about the middle of the 5th inning, the door opened and there was Wally, I told Joey there was someone in the booth who wanted to see him, and the look on his face when he turned around was priceless.

Theo came back a bit later and watched the rest of the 6th and all the of the 7th and 8th innings with us. Which for you non baseball fans sounds like a short amount of time, but since we were spanking the yanks took far longer than expected.

I ran to the bathroom just as Big Poppi was coming to bat with the bases loaded, and missed his 4th career grand slam (a bases loaded home run)

As we waited for the elevator, the announcers started arriving from the booths. The guys who called the game for the Yankees were really nice and said hello to everyone. Which made the appearance and actions of Jerry Remy just after that all the more disturbing.

I was a bit pissed off at, and lost all respect for Jerry Remy. He and Don broadcast from a booth just a few doors down from where we were. As we were waiting for the elevator, he and Don walked up. They were waiting for the same elevator. Well I looked at Joey, and said ‘You never saw this man play, but he was one of my hero’s when I was your age’ The Rhemdicks response. ‘If I don’t get on this elevator, I will be stuck in traffic with all these a**holes’ He then pushed his way through the crowd, knocking my nephew aside at the elevator, turned and pushed the down button. Then he refused to even pose for pictures while waiting for the elevator. When the doors opened he walked into the elevator before the people on it got off. Then he hit the door close button so no one could get on with him. Not that anyone wanted to, after he left a little boy in tears, and the rest of us with a lesson in how ungrateful some people can be. He did not just curse at us for ‘being in his way’. He unloaded at how much he hated us. I was so grateful for Don who stopped to say hello to a little boy.

Got home from the game at 1, taked to John until 2.

The dog woke me up at 7 to go outside, I figured I would just stay awake and watch the game, then go to the concert, but I am just to tired.

I’ll post pictures and write more about the game soon, I promise.

Right now, to bed.

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