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My hero Byron

March 21, 2012

My hero Byron

On very tired Byron on the last day of Boskone


My dinner

December 20, 2011

Try to follow me on this…

Yesterday I was feeling like crap and I asked koshmom to come and walk Byron for me. I had taken a small bit of pork out of the freezer intending to eat it last night. But I decided white rice and diced tomato was a better idea.

While koshmom was gone walking Byron I decided to make a pot of Thi Tea. I had had 3 cups of coffee, and she had brought me a fourth cup. I figured we could sit for a little bit, but she had errands to do and had to go. How amazing a person is she to divert from her own errands to take care of me!

Anyway, after she left I had a cup of tea myself, leaving me with about a cups worth of liquid. I did not want to just toss it out, but I was totally done on drinking it. Then I had a strange thought I decided to toss the still slightly warm tea in the zip lock bag with the defrosting pork! Kind of strange I know, but hey I had to give it a try. The tea did not add anything to the taste of the steak, but it did give it a nice brownish hue. I should have maybe tried it without adding any spices, just to see how it would taste. After a few flips I decided to add a few spices, some ground garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and oregano. My four go to spices.

I should have taken a picture of dinner before I ate it, but I forgot. Sorry! The taste was different, and I think I might play around with tea again. I think maybe I might sprinkle the tea on to a bit of meat. I tried that with coffee, both using it as a marinade, and as a spice. I found it added a little bit of a color to the meat, but not any difference in taste. Has any one else tried something funky with or an unusual ingredients? .

Kept my hammer in it’s spot all day, and was able to put up some tiny wreaths in the bathroom. I need to get some more hanging wire to put up a few more things.

Identical hoots

December 17, 2011

Identical hoots
I went out to Hopkinton to pick up my Mom. She wanted to spend the weekend with her identical twin sister. I made a point to bring Byron with me because he is ever so popular with my aunt and grandmother. I got a chance to meet with the hospice nurse who comes in three times a week to bath my grandmother. She is only a few months from 100 years, and as many of you know I have a very poor relationship with her. But the both love Byron so we have that in common. I should have sent that letter into the etiquette column years ago. It would not have made us close, but it might have helped.

My aunt made a roast beef for lunch first she cut up a bit of roast beef for Nana, then started cutting up another piece for Byron. He got his own plate! And when he finished what she had cut up, she started feeding him under the table!

When Byron and I got in the car he jumped into the back seat and looked back toward the house. I think he expected Mom to get in the car with us. At the end of the street Byron looked out the back window and started barking. I told him he would see her again soon.

Tin Hilda

October 24, 2011

Went down to Plymouth at noon to pick up my Mom, I made it there in time for lunch so the 4 of us sat down to eat. Byron has been given his own personal bowl and he goes right to it when we get in the house. I brought him in to see my Mom's mom, I gets up along the side of the bed and she just pats his head.   It was funny, when she heard a new voice (mine) was was told that I had arrived, she asked "Did she bring her dog?" 

I had brought my Halloween stuff with me, because Mom was going to go through it and see if she wanted to hang any of it. She like TinHilda and I put that up on her porch. TinHilda When we got back from grocery shopping.

Mom went on a major restocking trip, lots of meat, bread, and staples. Me, I grabbed a pack of mini cereal boxes, and toilet paper.  I can't do a lot of shopping at BJ's, while the prices are low I would have to carry a cooler to bring it home. So for me, I just like to wander the aisles looking at what the have for sale.  I need to replace my garlic press, I went looking for it last night and could not find it.

I went to the hairdressers and got my roots dyed. I felt kind of selfish wasting money on me, when I owe so much money to the Vet for Byron. But I needed the positive feeling of getting my hair done. My hairdresser is nice, she keeps forgetting how thick my mane is.

Nope not a Barbie

October 22, 2011

Just watching the evening news and they had a story on the new collectors Barbie doll. The reported did a person on the street interview showing people a picture of the doll and asking if they would allow their children to play with it. The answer for the most part was no, which makes sense, since this doll is not a children’s toy.
Tokidoki Barbie She is a limited edition, already sold out Gold Label doll.

There were only 7400 dolls made! That is it, for the entire world, only seven thousand four hundred people have this doll. Trust me, non of them will be playing with this doll. I doubt more than 100 of these dolls will even be taken out of the box. At least they do mention the doll is a limited edition, at the end of the piece.

I keep failing at this blogging thing

October 21, 2011

I post in to many pages, but then not enough.

Busy, tired, books

June 9, 2011

What a busy day. Swung over to the doctors office this morning. She has been having me check in once every 6 weeks since my Dad died. Agreed to drop the amount of Prozac I have been on, dropping back to 40mg each day. I can’t get her to agree to take me off of a second antidepressant, I take it at night and it is suppose to help me sleep.

Then I went over to housing and grabbed my paper work back. I needed to bring copies of them to the IRS office and since I had sent him the originals I needed them back. I am going to copy them here and send them back next week. He has not even done the calculations for annual income yet. It’s just a simple algorithm, I already did half his work for him! Really, the memo I attached to the forms has every thing he needs. But, he insists on doing all that himself. I guess he has the right to review the paper work himself, but I am concerned that when he does run the numbers he might want to increase my rent, and decided to pro rate it to cover the months since he has had the paper work. I have to send in my rental renewal information in April, and my rent is suppose to be modified in May. Well it’s June and they have not changed any thing yet. He use to have an assistant who did most of this work for him, but she has been let go. She was great, she gave people a copy of the short form she made to help her with the calculations. I just have to remind myself that I am not a normal tenant of this facility.

Having Nightwing here this week has been so very fun. One of the speakers at the conference she is attending is Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, who wrote the wonderful “Well behaved Woman Seldom Make History” Her newest book out in paperback is “A Midwife’s Tale” and Nightwing got me a signed copy!!!!! That so rocks,

Started the process of moving my bank account away from Citizen’s Bank and over to the smaller East Boston Savings Bank. It was quite a pain in the ass, but well worth it for the reduction of fees and better personal service. I am so jealous of the woman who helped me out. She has an autoimmune disease, and a husband who has stuck with her. She has a real winner there, if only more woman could be that lucky.

Just going to sit for a bit. Byron was a very good boy today, staying just out of the office at housing and curling up and falling asleep at the bank. It has been to hot to put his vest on him so I think today I am going to write Service Dog in big letters on his leash. Not that any one asks for proof, which I have, but just in case. I always carry his license, and service dog vest with me where ever we go. He was so adorable as we were leaving the bank, there was a little girl who wanted to pet him, so he sat down and turned his head away. Once he did that she felt comfortable petting him.